FreeCaddie Pro For Windows Mobile/Windows CE

Do you like FreeCaddie? Upgrade to FreeCaddie Pro and get even more!

Why pay hundreds of dollars along with an annual subscription fee? For the price of a few golf balls you can get FreeCaddie Pro! Compare for yourself:

Feature FreeCaddie FreeCaddie Pro SkyCaddieâ„¢
Distance to front/center/back of green Yes Yes Yes
Distance to bunkers/hazards/etc. No Yes Yes
Measure Length of Shot No Yes Yes
Course File Storage No Limit No Limit 10
Scorekeeping No Yes No
Statistics No Yes No
Download Course Data at golf course No Yes No
Price Free $5.95 $250 and up
Annual Course Subscription Fee No No Yes
Course Editing No Yes Yes
GPS Internal/Bluetooth Internal/Bluetooth Internal
Free Software Upgrades Yes Yes Yes

FreeCaddie Pro for Windows Mobile devices is only $5.95!

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